First Aid - Welcome ScreenAnother Android application which is a must for every phone! This is the first app I’ve installed on my HTC desire. It’s called First Aid and it comes from Health Team (of course). It’s like having a doctor with you all the time. Wounds and bleeding, head injures, poisoning, life saving procedures, effects of heat and cold… everything is covered in this app.

Let’s see a doctor.

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Ok, you’ve probably done this when you bought Desire. But, did you ever misstyped the button? For example – you “know” that you’ve pressed “F” but it gives you “D”. Does this happen quite often? Yes? Then, it is time to recalibrate your keyboard. Here is how you can do it and make your typing much easier and faster.

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Time to have some fun! I’ll write about (another) cool application from ElectricSheepPaint Pro. This fantastic Android app will let you finger painting on your Android phone. You can have fun with your friends, share your masterpiece with the world, edit your photos and much more.

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Graham contacted me and asked me to post more dark wallpapers. He is particularly interested in black panther wallpapers. A bit of browsing and cropping and we have 6 black panther wallpapers:

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It’s time again to update my blog with the fresh news coming from Android and HTC world.

So, you’re travelling soon, but you’d like to take your HTC Desire with you. But, you’d also like to avoid those huge roaming bills. Here is how you can turn off data (3G, Edge and GPRS) while in romaing.

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Time to change your wallpaper? Maybe you’ll find something on this page. I’ve found few animal wallpapers which I’d like to share with you.

We have everything, from ladybird and cute puppy to tigers and elephants.

Resolution: 480×800.

Click on the thumbs below to get full-sized pictures!

White cat wallpaper 480x800 Cute puppy wallpaper 480x800 Ladybug wallpaper 480x800 HTC Desire wallpaper elephant 480x800
Black panther wallpaper 480x800 Lion wallpaper 480x800 for HTC Desire Wallpaper tiger 480x800 HTC Desire tiger wallpaper 480x800

Very nice! Don’t forget to check my nature wallpapers. And if you have some requests, feel free to contact me.

Today I’ll write about the application which saves me money by constantly keeping eye on my Internet data usage (3G, Edge, GPRS). This nifty app comes from Richard Gruet whom I’d like to say thanks for making this application!

Let’s start with the review.

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I’ve received a lot of questions from you people. It’s hard to answer them all, but I’ll try. Be sure to check this page – I’m sure you will find something useful. I know I did!

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So, you would like to learn how to add voice search to your HTC Desire? I don’t blame you… it’s very handy. Here is a step-by-step tutorial! Thanks to Nimbu (after all – he was the one who figured it out!)

Instead of typing your search query, you can simply tell your phone what to search. Voice recognizition works perfectly, even with Tarzan English :) Here we go!

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