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HTC Desire Got Another OTA Update (Android 2.2.2 + Software Number 2.29.405.14)

I was pleasantly surprised today when my HTC Desire popped up the message saying there is an update available. Since I didn’t update my phone to Gingerbread (2.3) which was released months ago, I was anxious to see what’s new in this update. Btw, make sure that you have Scheduled check turned on (Settings > [...]

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The Ultimate HTC Desire Models Comparison

18 months ago I bought my first HTC Desire, the original one – also known as Bravo. Since then, HTC expanded Desire family with three more models: Desire HD (Ace), Desire S (Saga) and Desire Z (Vision). I’ve decided to compare them all. So, if you are (still) looking to buy HTC Desire but you [...]

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Free HTC Aria (AT&T)

I’ve found a good deal for all of you who would like to try some HTC phone with famous HTC Sense. The HTC Aria brings Google’s Android to AT&T in a big way. Running Android 2.1 at start the HTC Aria is also the first phone to run HTC Sense, the revolutionary Android overlay, on [...]

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