HTC Tips And Tricks Volume 3

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I’ve received a lot of questions from you people. It’s hard to answer them all, but I’ll try. Be sure to check this page – I’m sure you will find something useful. I know I did!

  1. Is it possible to watch live streaming on HTC Desire?
    Of course. RealPlayer Beta is on the Market. Search for it or scan QR code below:
    Real Player QR code
  2. Is it possible to download and store Google Maps on my HTC Desire?
    Nope. Google is planning to add this feature. But, you can try the alternative – MapDroyd. This free application stores maps on your card! QR code is below:
    Mapdroyd QR code
  3. Is it possible to disable all connections (3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.)?
    Yes. Switch off all connections via Power Bar.
    HTC  Desire tips picture
  4. Is it possible to install CAB files on Android?
    No. Android based phones do not support CAB files.
  5. Is it possible to play DivX, AVI and other video formats on my HTC Desire?
    Yes. There is a fine video player called RockPlayerBase. Right click here and save. Install via Astro File Manager (check my previous article HTC Desire Voice Search for more info).
  6. Is it possible to watch Live TV on my Desire?
    Yes. Visit this site from your phone browser and follow the instructions.
  7. Is it possible to store applications on my SD card?
    It will be. Wait for Froyo (Android 2.2)
  8. I’ve dropped my HTC Desire! What I’m gonna do now?
    Relax. I’ve dropped it more than 6 times (3 times it felt on the screen). Desire is made from very solid materials.
  9. I have more questions!
    Check my Tips and Tricks page or ask me.

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Hello! Thanks for all your great job!! you know if is possible &, if YES, how to remove facebook or gmail or any other app built-in inside Desire?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Christian!

To remove built-in apps or any system application, you’ll need a rooted HTC Desire. I suggest to simply ignore them.


Hi..Excellent helping mechanism totally appreciated!
I wanted to ask that my phone automatically shuts down and then does not starts.I ad applied all the method,firstly i removed the battery then SIM then SD card but it is not responding either some times during charging the lights blinks and then again stops…
what i can do to solve this problem???

Free HTC Desire

Hey JD!

Did you install some custom ROM on your Desire? If not, it sounds like some hardware problem, which means it is time for repair.

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