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So, you would like to learn how to add voice search to your HTC Desire? I don’t blame you… it’s very handy. Here is a step-by-step tutorial! Thanks to Nimbu (after all – he was the one who figured it out!)

Instead of typing your search query, you can simply tell your phone what to search. Voice recognizition works perfectly, even with Tarzan English :) Here we go!

  1. Download HTC Desire VoiceSearch application from here (right click and save)
  2. Click on the file you’ve downloaded (VoiceSearch_2.1.apk) and select “Open App Manager”
  3. Install

If everything went well (and it should) you can use Voice Search immediately. On the main screen press the search and you’ll see a microphone picture! Enjoy.

If there are some problems, follow these steps:

  1. Download Astro File Manager from Market or just scan QR code below
    Astro File Manager QR code
  2. Run Astro File Manager and look for the application you’ve downloaded (VoiceSearch_2.1.apk)
  3. Click on it, select “Open App Manager” and then install.

That’s all! You can now talk to your Android. I’ve tried it more than 100 times. Accuracy is somewhere arround 90% which is great.

Once again, all credits for this tutorial go to Nimbu (great Android site!)

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