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Tips and Tricks - Volume 7Time to answer some questions about weak signal, internal storage problems, Facebook removal and some other problems you’ve asked me about. As always – I suggest you all check my whole tips and tricks section – you’ll find some really good stuff there.

Now, to the Q&A!

Q from Greg: Hi, I love this phone, but I have problems installing apps because my Internal Phone Storage is always running low (right now it’s 10.25 MB).. it seems that unless I am above 15 MB I can’t install anything, is there a way to fix this so I can get more room for installing apps?  I move any app to my my SD Card if I can, some won’t let me, it says I have 5.5 GB left on my SD Card… which is tons of space in my mind, thanks!

A: Hey Greg! Since Froyo (Android 2.2) there is an option to move applications to SD card (from internal memory). But, even with this option enabled, an application will still use a part of your phone’s internal memory. It does not matter how much space you have on your SD card if you’re running low on internal memory. You can:
1) Try to move more apps to SD card (via Settings > Applications > Manage applications)
2) Uninstall some unnecessary apps
3) Install some custom ROM which has true Apps2SD option (for this you’ll need a rooted phone!)

Q: Alex wants to know how he can remove Facebook and Facebook for HTC completely from his phone.

A: For some reason, Facebook is one of system apps, which means it can’t be (easily) uninstalled like other apps via Settings > Manage applications. You’ll need a root access to your phone and then you’ll need to install Titanium Backup which can uninstall system applications.

Q: Kaz would like to know how to disconnect his HTC Desire C from Internet?

A: Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile network (uncheck this). Also, in Mobile network settings uncheck Enable always-on mobile data.

Q: Heena says that HTC Desire is unable to phone due to no signal being received for days.

A: It seems that antenna is broken. Just in case, check signal of other networks in your area (insert some other SIM card). If problem stays – take it for repair.

Q: Aijaz is having problems with Desire S. He is unable to unlock because he forgot username and password for his Gmail account.

A: You’ll need to check Google Account Recovery to get your login back. Visit Gmail and click on “Can’t access your account?”

Q: Ariel wants to know what does “touch and hold delay” mean?

A: It is one of Accessibility settings (Settings > Accessibility). You can adjust delay required for the phone to notice that you’re touching and holding an item on the screen (more info here).

Q: Hammad’s HTC Desire has a weak signal – when he is out of home signal is good, but as soon he is back signal disappears.

A: Hey Hamad! Check the reception in your home using some other phone. If you experience weak signal with other phone, then it is network providers fault. If not – you may need to boost your antenna signal or replace antenna entirely.

Q: Denise gets a message that memory card is full, when it isn’t. She can’t install anything.

A: Are you running low on internal memory? Check Settings > Storage > Internal storage. If you’re running low (below 20MB) uninstall some unused apps.

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My Desire has synced every friends birthday from Facebook into my phone calendar. How can I get rid of some of these?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Anne!

Unfortunatelly, there isn’t option to partially sync your Facebook contacts.

Nitin Nair

Please let me know about the tricks and tips i can use on my Htc desire X.. it would be more fun to use my phone with some cool tricks and tips..

Akash Khawas

My htc desire c doesn’t shows the network in my phone


my desire trips off and comes on like after 20mins or so, how do i solve that?

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