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Today I’ll write about the application which saves me money by constantly keeping eye on my Internet data usage (3G, Edge, GPRS). This nifty app comes from Richard Gruet whom I’d like to say thanks for making this application!

Let’s start with the review.

This is the welcome screen:

3G Watchdog welcome screenAs you see – it shows (in % and MB) how much I’ve spent of my monthly quota. If I keep my current usage constant I will use only 21.6% of my quota, so I’ll be fine (I believe no one likes to pay those monthly overages).

Also, on this screen you see how much data is received (downloaded) and transmitted (uploaded) and, of course – total usage. Then we have a quick look on daily, weekly and monthly usage. More than enough data for the welcome screen!

Let’s see what happens when I press Settings button:

3G Watchdog Settings picture 01

Settings 1/4 - Here is where you set your monthly quota (in MB).

3G Watchdog Settings picture 02

Settings 2/4 - Alerts! Warn me over 75% quota!

3G Watchdog Settings picture 03

Settings 3/4 - Refresh every hour (recommended), every minute, every 5 minutes, etc.

3G Watchdog Settings picture 04

Settings 4/4 - Widget settings. Show quota % used, show quota data used, alert when roaming.

As you see from the pictures above – 3G Watchdog is fully customizable.

There is more, much more!

3G Watchdog Menu button

I've pressed the MENU button on my HTC Desire

3G Watchdog Quota Traffic History picture

Quota traffic history - last 12 recorded quota periods (months)

3G Watchdog Day Traffic History picture

Traffic usage for the last 31 recorded days. Averages are on all recorded days.

3G Watchdog Set Quota Counters picture

You can manually enter quota counters or you can reset all counters to zero.

3G Watchdog is a wonderful application and it is a must for every Android phone! It accurately monitors your data usage (3G, GPRS, Edge) and warns you when you’re near your quota.

To download 3G Watchdog search Market for it or scan QR code below:

3G Watchdog QR code

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Thanks for the review. Just a little precision: 3GW does *not* count Wifi, only mobile internet traffic.

The 3GW developer.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Richard!

Once again, thanks for this great app! Is there a chance to add WiFi traffic in future version(s)?

J Kane

Great app, very useful and convenient.


I have been using 3G Watchdog since my HTC went crazy on me and TELUS charged me hundreds of dollars. Now TELUS is saying that their record of my data usage is incongruent with 3G – like they have me using 30-50% more than what 3G says. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it 3G or is it TELUS?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Eve!

I didn’t have such problems. I’d check again with your provider.


3G Watchdog also comes in a paid version with more Widget styles , usage history with graph and more.

Free HTC Desire

Hey cellphoneinn!

Yes, it does. This review is written for free version of 3g Watchdog.

Sumsung Note 2

I just download this application but it started counting from the moment of installation, it seems it doesnt read the history

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