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I wrote few articles containing QR codes. Now it’s time to explain to you how to scan those (how to download apps via QR codes).

First of all, you’ll need an application (reader) for that. My favorite is Barcode Scanner, based on the open source ZXing Barcode Library. First, let’s install it by searching Android Market for Barcode Scanner (from ZXing Team).

Now, we are ready to roll.

Barcode Scanner picture one

This is what you get when you run Barcode Scanner. Don't be confused - my camera is recording my desk! Check picture two.

Barcode Scanner picture two

Now we're talking! I've scanned QR code on my monitor and bingo! Here comes download link! Tapp the Open Browser and... that's all!

Barcode Scanner actually uses your phone camera. When you see QR code on the monitor, just scan it (it’s very easy and precise – your hands don’t need be steady as a rock). Barcode Scanner needs 2-3 seconds and you’ll hear a beep which means he’s done scanning the QR code.

Let’s check more options:

Barcode Scanner picture three

Open Browser - installs application from The Market. Share via e-mail and Share via SMS - you get it.

Another picture of Barcode Scanner for Android

More options - sharing (actually scanning) your QR code with another phone.

Wait, there are more options!

Barcode Scanner - options pictureYou can check/uncheck Decode 1D barcodes, Decode QR codes. Just leave it as it is. Then we have Use front light – can be helpful on some phones. Beep, Vibrate and Copy to clipboard – I think you got this.

That’d be all people. It’s your turn. Check my reviews of AK Notepad, Relax and Sleep and Vuvuzela and scan those QR codes.

Feel free to leave a comment if something is not working right.

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Thanks, but unfortunately ZXing website says the Barcode Reader will not work on Android in the HTC Desire.
Those of us with Android-based Desires will have to find another Barcode scanner.

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Hey Ken!

I’m using Barcode Reader on my HTC Desire (Android) with no problems!


I’ve been using an app called ‘QuickMark’ on my HTC Wildfire which is really good as well, although I’ve not tried the others so I can’t compare it.

Free HTC Desire

I’ve heard good things about QuickMark, too! I’ll probably write a review in next few weeks.

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