Why Don’t You Relax?

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I’ve just heard about fantastic new (free) application – Relax and Sleep. Mizu Software Solutions made an application which is a must for every Android phone. Feeling tense? Having trouble sleeping? (I know I do). But, I’ve find a little helper!

Relax and Sleep is a free Android application which comes with 21 beautiful music themes for your pleasure:

  • Sound of the Ocean
  • Sound of a Soft Beach
  • Sound of a Little Creek
  • Sound of Heavy Rain
  • Sound of Summer Rain
  • Sound of a Shishiodoshi
  • Sound of Brown Noise
  • Sound of Windchimes
  • Sound of a Thunderstorm
  • Sound of Forest Birds
  • Song of a Whale
  • Sound of Crickets
  • Sound of Train Travel
  • Sound of a Campfire
  • Drum melody
  • Monotone Bass melody
  • Relaxation melody
  • Athmospheric melody
  • Chinese Violin melody
  • Acoustic Guitar melody
  • Dream melody

An impressive list! The best part is – you can mix them however you want. I’ve find my perfect combination: Sound of the Ocean (higher volume) plus Sound of a Little Creek (lower volume). As I said – you can mix whatever you want, whenever you want while you’re searching for your perfect recipe.

Let’s see how does Relax and Sleep look like:

Main menu
Relax and Sleep Sounds List

As you can see – list of all sounds with volume controls. Very easy to use!

Relax and Sleep Options
There are: Mute All, Set Timer (my favorite!), Load Preset, Save Preset (when you find your “tune”), Help/About and, of course – Quit.

Timer Settings
Picture of Relax and Sleep Timer
Timer allows you to set an ammount of time (HH:MM format) after which all sounds will be muted.

Almost forgot – download link. You can search Android Market for it or you can scan QR code below:

Relax and Sleep QR code

Now, please do excuse me – it’s relax time! Gotta hear the ocean.

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You rock, Just sayin…easy instructions and for us newbies to smartphone world, we thank you for easy!

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Hey Faith!

Thanks for your input! I’m glad to see my tips are working for you!

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