Wanna Text Faster? Recalibrate Your Keyboard!

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Ok, you’ve probably done this when you bought Desire. But, did you ever misstyped the button? For example – you “know” that you’ve pressed “F” but it gives you “D”. Does this happen quite often? Yes? Then, it is time to recalibrate your keyboard. Here is how you can do it and make your typing much easier and faster.

  1. Go to SettingsHTC Desire keyboard calibration
  2. Tapp Language & keyboard
  3. Tapp Touch Input
  4. Press Text Input
  5. Second from the bottom is the Calibration tool

You’ll see some funny text like this one on the picture. I strongly suggest typing the text with your “normal” speed. If you’re fast texter – then type fast. You get the picture. This way HTC Desire will “learn” how to react when you accidentally press some middle-space (between two letters).

I hope this helps! Cheers!

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Man, this is really work, thanks so much for share it. I mean i have the htc desire for a 2 days and i already started to ask my self if the phone have a problem :) thanks again


Hi there, thanks for sharing your tips – I want to learn a bit more about my HTC every week…… great work!


Thanks a lot, This really help me a lot on my HTC


thanks a lot this really help

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