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Time to have some fun! I’ll write about (another) cool application from ElectricSheepPaint Pro. This fantastic Android app will let you finger painting on your Android phone. You can have fun with your friends, share your masterpiece with the world, edit your photos and much more.

Don’t be surprised when you see that welcome screen is blank. Paint Pro is waiting for your first touch, maestro. Let’s press Menu button on your HTC Desire (or some other Android phone):

Paint Pro menu screen

Scroll the menu left and right for more options!

These are the options, from the left to the right:

  • Help and commands description
  • New blank page (clears current)
  • Kids mode (Hey, I’m using this mode quite often!) Random colors and thickness at each stroke; shake your Android to clear!
  • Undo previous stroke
  • Redo strokes
  • Size of the brush
  • Color of the brush
  • Color background
  • Choose drawing effects
  • Eraser mode (on/off)
  • Load a picture (yes, this is where fun starts!)
  • Save your drawing on SD card
  • Share your creation with the world
  • Contact the author
  • Check more apps from ElectricSheep (which I recommend!)
Picture showing Free HTC Desire rulez

It took me 20 seconds for this.

On the right you’ll see my masterpiece, done with my left index finger. I can do better, but I wanted to show you can do with this app in less than a minute. Sure, I can add some background, apply few effects (emboss or spray for example) and share it with the world. I can erase the parts I don’t like (I know, I know – I should erase the whole picture).

You (literally) can do whatever you want with Paint Pro. Wanna have fun with your friends? Just load their picture, add some of your super-work and share it. I think you already have few ideas, don’t you?

Paint Pro kids mode

Kids mode is on!

If you’re brave enough – you can let your kids paint on your phone.

Like I said – the real fun starts when you load a picture of some friend. I’m sure there are lot of pics on your SD card so why don’t you try it for yourself?

Almost forgot! Paint Pro is a free application (with few non intrusive ads). There is also a paid version (no ads – $0.99)

To download this app search market for “Paint Pro” (ElectricSheep).

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