Black Panther Wallpapers (Request)

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Graham contacted me and asked me to post more dark wallpapers. He is particularly interested in black panther wallpapers. A bit of browsing and cropping and we have 6 black panther wallpapers:

As always – click on the thumbs below to get full-sized pictures!

Black panther wallpaper one 480x800 Another black panther wallpaper 480x800 HTC Desire wallpaper showing black panther Another HTC Desire wallpaper 480x800 showing black panther
Comic black panther wallpaper for HTC Desire Black panther wallpaper for HTC Desire - 480x800

It was very hard to find few quality black panther pictures which can be resized to fit on HTC Desire screen (480×800). Btw, did you check my HTC Desire Tips and Tricks?

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Darlene Sharpe

Just letting you know that im very interested in black panthers.
i’ve been collecting black panthers for awhile now, but they are very hard too find.
A Black Panther Fanatic.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Darlene!

I like them, too! And I hear you – their wallpapers (and pictures) are very hard to find. If you find more wallpapers – feel free to contact me.

liz dale

love black panthers they were subject of recurring childhood nightmare where always all the other kids were running fast and i was running in slow motion and would wake up as the panther was on top of me

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