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HTC Desire - Tips and Tricks pictureYep, my contact page definitely works. I’m receiving a lot of questions about HTC Desire. Before asking me a question, please be sure that you’ve checked my previously posted Tips and Tricks – there is really some good stuff. Today we’ll learn how to fix HTC Friend Stream problem (in last few days people are complaining about Facebook not updating etc) plus some other cool things. Let’s go!

    1. Friend Stream doesn’t work! I can’t login to Facebook or Facebook does not show updates!
      I can offer to you two solutions for this problem(s):

      Solution 1

      Go to Setttings > Applications > Manage applications
      Find Facebook for HTC Sense
      Clear data
      Clear cache
      Reboot your phone

      Solution 2

      Remove Widget
      Remove Facebook account from your phone
      Reboot phone
      Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Facebook for HTC Sense
      Clear cache
      Clear data
      Reboot your phone
      Start Friend Stream and add new Facebook account


  1. All those icons on the top of the screen… what is their meaning?

    There are two groups – Status icons and Notification icons. Here are the “maps”:

    Status iconsHTC Desire - Status IconsNotification icons

    HTC Desire - Notification icons

  2. Check my previous Tips and Tricks.

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I have recently purchased a HTC desire C and was happy with it for the first 2 days. Now after 2 weeks it is doing my head in. Can anyone help. Firstly although i live in london the front screen keeps giving me the weather and time in Rome. Spent hours going through the menus and now have a smaller clock underneath that’s local but can’t get rid of it. Secondly if i call a number the screen goes black immediately. Total pain cos you cant see if you’ve connected and have to keep pressing top then trying to get to no’s quick enough for call centre anser services. Thirdly if i try and post my status on FB it just closes and says unfortunately FB has stopped. any ideas why?

Martin Wallace

When I go to settings> applications> manage applications> all there seems to be loads if duplicate applications with no file size means they show a capacity of 0b. I have for example 4 separate apps for weather all showing 0b, how can I get rid of these???? When I click on them and open them there is no where to delete or uninstall, as they show no size, any help would be greatly appreciated regarding this matter! Thank you in advance



I have a HTC Desire and when I load up an internet page which involves me putting in my username and password, I do so then click subit but all it does is refresh the page and won’t log in.. eg. a group I am involved in, and also my bank account…. What can I do to fix this?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Megan!

Do you still experience this problem? Do you have some security app installed by any chance? Antivirus or something like that?
Also, try clearing your Internet cache or some other browser (Dolphin, Maxhton, etc)

Free HTC Desire


With a little help of Google Translate – yes, it is possible.

Free HTC Desire

Hey kojocop!

Almost all smartphone batteries last a day, because of all applications in the background, large screen, etc. But, 4 hours for charging is too much. Do you, by any chance, charge it via USB?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Nana!

It sounds like some application is triggering screen on. Install this application and check what’s draining your battery.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Laura!

I suggest you turn on message report on (via Messages > Press Menu > Text messages (SMS) > Delivery reports (this should be checked). Try sending message now. Then, tap your message and click on View message details. If it says Status: Received (while it’s not) talk to your provider. Sounds like network problem.

Free HTC Desire

Hey yuma!

Do you mean on Number busy signal? HTC Desire, of course, shows that, like any other phone. It sounds more like a network problem. Talk to your provider.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Martin!

Do you use some custom ROM? Is your phone rooted?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Larry!

You’re running low on internal memory. Each application uses some part of internal memory, even if you move it to SD card. You can:

1. Check if you can move something to SD (via Settings > Applications > Manage applications)
2. Uninstall some applications
3. Install custom ROM which has the option to install apps on SD card completely.

Free HTC Desire

Hey nana!

In order to delete system applications (yes, Facebook is system application for some reason) you’ll need to root your phone. Then you download Titanium Backup from Google Play which can uninstall those apps permanently.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Mark!

First, congratulations on your prize! To answer your questions:

- You can change case, of course – check this page.
- There are tons of apps which can delete temporary files. Try History Eraser or this similar application.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Keri!

Pull down the screen to check is there something in notifications bar.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Rachel!

To improve your location accuracy check Settings > Location > Use wireless networks and also check Use GPS satelittes. About screen problem – well, it shouldn’t go black immediately. Do you use some kind of screen protection? Little scratch can cause some problems to proximity sensor. Anyway, it sound like problem with proximity sensor and since your phone is new – use that guarantee.


My HTC can not on again but its still charging when I charge it. This issue started when I downloaded an application from another market pls what will I do to fix it?

Scott Hursh

I have an icon that does not appear on the list. It looks like an earpiece for one ear. Please explian.


I just purchased an HTC Desire V Dual Sim phone,I do not see a clear option in the notification bar,stherefore Im not able to clear notifications,Kindly let me know how to activate it.


I have an HTC desire c.. The calendar is synced with my facebook account.. So I do get the updates for birthdays on a particular day.. When I go on the agenda page , tap on a a friend’s birthday event to wish , it takes to page where it states to send a greeting.. However when I tap on it , takes me to the comment page wherein whatever I comment , it gets posted on my wall.. But not on my friends wall.. Even when my peoples app is synced to facebook.. Could u guide me what needs to be done?


I cant clear the screen message that tells me I have an answer phone message even though there arent any, No one seems to be able to give me any help other than to return it to factory settings and I dont want to do that


Hi i cant slide my notification bar in my HTC Desire C mobile. I tried hard resetting also but there’s no use. How to get the notification bar work in my mobile.

john friend stream isn’t working.when I try sign in it says its currently unavailable.tried installing etc but that hasn’t helped at all.any ideas? Thank-you


So I tried solution 1 and 2 to solve the issue of Facebook not updating, however now friendstream won’t let me add new Facebook account, kept telling me service currently unavailable, so I can’t use friend stream at all. I’m using htc desire.

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