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I’m gonna review a very interesting application called Phonalyzr. Do you even know who you’re calling the most? Who texts you the most? How many calls you make per day? I thought I had an idea… before I’ve installed this app. You’ll be surprised with some numbers, as I am.

Let’s see what we can do with this application.

First of all, Phonalyzr is free. There are some non-intrusive ads. Author says it’s the only way to support further development of this application, because developers from Canada cannot currently sell apps on the Market. He promises a paid version without ads and with few extra features very soon.

Phonalyzr has 2 main sections: Phone Calls and SMS.

Phonalyzr welcome screenThe default section at the welcome screen is Phone Calls. Here you can see following data:

  • Usage summary
  • Top callers by minutes
  • Top callers by calls
  • Missed vs. regular calls
  • Outbound vs. inbound calls
  • Number of minutes per time
  • Number of calls per time
  • Number of minutes per day
  • Number of calls per day
  • Number of minutes per hour
  • Number of calls per hour
  • Call length distribution

Let’s check Usage summary:

Phonalyzr Phone Calls - Usage SummaryI see that I have 2 missed calls. I had answered 71 calls, of which 26 inbound and 47 outbound calls. Duration of my shortest call is 7 seconds. My longest call was 18 minutes and 38 seconds long and my average call is 1 minute and 48 seconds long.

With these numbers you can check how much you’ve spent of your monthly plan.

Let’s see more Phonalyzr screenshots:

Phonalyzr screenshot - Top callers by minutes

Yes, first on the list is my girlfriend :)

Phonalyzr - Outbound and Inbound Calls graph

Does this mean I need to make more friends? :(

You can get much more info from this application. I just wanted to give you an idea what Phonalyzr is all about. Now, let’s check SMS usagePhonalyzr screenschot - SMS usage:

  • Usage summary
  • Top senders
  • Sent vs. received SMS
  • Number of SMS per time
  • Number of SMS per day
  • Number of SMS per hour
  • SMS length distribution

I’m not a much of a texter either (90% if my HTC Desire usage is spent online) but for you – texters (and I know there are a lot of you sending tens of messages daily) this is very handy.

Finally – let’s see what happens when we press Menu button on our phone:

  • Phonalyzr - Menu button screenshotAbout Phonalyzr – speaks for itself.
  • Set billing date – according to your monthly plan. For example, my billing date is 18. day of the month.
  • Export data – yes, you can export data to your SD card!
  • Night starts – set weeknight/weekend start time
  • Night ends – set weeknight/weekend end time
  • Billing type – per second or per-minute billing

All in all – Phonalyzr gives a lot of info about your phone usage and your habbits. I was surprised myself when I saw some of the numbers.

To download Phonalyzr search market for it. The author is Martin Drashkov. You can also scan QR code below:

Phonalyzr QR Code

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