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HTC Desire - Tips and Tricks pictureYep, my contact page definitely works. I’m receiving a lot of questions about HTC Desire. Before asking me a question, please be sure that you’ve checked my previously posted Tips and Tricks – there is really some good stuff. Today we’ll learn how to fix HTC Friend Stream problem (in last few days people are complaining about Facebook not updating etc) plus some other cool things. Let’s go!

    1. Friend Stream doesn’t work! I can’t login to Facebook or Facebook does not show updates!
      I can offer to you two solutions for this problem(s):

      Solution 1

      Go to Setttings > Applications > Manage applications
      Find Facebook for HTC Sense
      Clear data
      Clear cache
      Reboot your phone

      Solution 2

      Remove Widget
      Remove Facebook account from your phone
      Reboot phone
      Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Facebook for HTC Sense
      Clear cache
      Clear data
      Reboot your phone
      Start Friend Stream and add new Facebook account


  1. All those icons on the top of the screen… what is their meaning?

    There are two groups – Status icons and Notification icons. Here are the “maps”:

    Status iconsHTC Desire - Status IconsNotification icons

    HTC Desire - Notification icons

  2. Check my previous Tips and Tricks.

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T. Cruse

Is there anyway to change or remove the ‘big green robot’ from the screen when you are connected to a call?
Thanks for the great tips!


My HTC Desire has EVDO instead of 3G or Edge, etc.. I have service through US Cellular. Can you tell me what service this is and how it compares to 3G or 4G? I have good service and the internet apps load well. Thanks!!


Good Evening..I have a HTC Desire…i love it, its a great phone…I am unable to check into Places on Facebook…it comes up with couldn’t detect your location..I have GPS ticked as well. Are you able to advise what I can do to get this to work.
Kind Regards


Hi the symbol I have on my phone is not listed. It looks like a satellite dish with 2 green stripes coming from it. I don’t know how it got there and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Christina! Sorry for delay.

It means that your phone is using satellite connection (GPS). Some applications use this type of connection (Google Maps, for example). If you want, you can turn it on/off via Settings > Location > Use GPS satellites.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Mike!

EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data Only) is 3G wireless standard (the other is W-CDMA). I’ve found two great articles about EVDO here and here.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Vikki!

Do you still have problems with Places? Location errors may occur when coverage (and signal) is weak.

Free HTC Desire

Hey there! Sorry for big delay!

I’m not sure if you want to remove “big green robot” (Android) picture completely or not.

1. To remove it completely and replace it with some other picture you’ll need a root access.
2. You can assign pictures to your contacts which will replace default Android picture (big green robot) when you make/get a call.


I can’t get on to market, it won’t let me create an account or log in to an existing one. Please help


Theres an icon on my phone which isnt on that list,
it a white line drawing on an orange background of a shape that looks like a hard disk or something.
Please help me!


many thanks for the tips, v helpful. Is there a way to file emails – as in Outloook for example.

Free HTC Desire

Hey freya!

Do you still have problems with Android Market? To access Market you need a Google Account.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Robert!

Of course there is. You’ll need to set a mail account (Mail > New Account).


I have a few symbols that are not listed….. a little suitcase with a downwards arrow inside, and also a little suitcase with a tick.


How do I get a shortcut to my voice mail onto my main window?


@Shrina, you have probably worked out by now that the hard disc symbol in the notification bar relates to your internal memory being low, delete some app’s, music etc.


I accidentally removed the friend stream app and when i added it again it was the small version. How do i get back to the full screen version? I’ve tried re-adding it but it doesn’t ask me to choose a size and when I hold down on the widget and drag it to edit it doesn’t do anything! Aaaaargh help!


I have an HTC icon that isn’t listed either…when I’m chatting with someone via text message. beside every message I send there is a white envelope with a circle on it with a green i in it…can you help please…the messages are sending but I would still like to know what it is…thanks

Free HTC Desire

Hey Denise!

Little suitcase with a downwards arrow inside means that your phone is downloading (upgrading) some application from the Market. A little suitcase with a tick (check mark) means that the application is successfully installed (upgraded). Hope this helps.

Free HTC Desire

Hey LeeAnne! Here is one solution:

1. Create Voicemail contact via People > Add contact

2. On the Home screen Add Shortcut > Direct Dial > your voicemail.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Jessica!

White envelope with green letter i means there is some info available about the message (view message details, view report, etc). Nothing to worry about.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Katy!

When you say “small version” I guess you mean small widget? Anyway, to restore full screen widget you’ll need to create space on a page of the screen. Then you go to Add (+) > Widget > Friend Stream and you select the option you want (in your case – the first one).


What does HSPA mean ??

Free HTC Desire

Hey Horgi!

HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access. HSPA is very fast, it supports download up to 14 Mbit/s and upload up to 5.76 Mbit/s. In other words – when you see that sign on your phone it means that your Internet connection is fast!


I have an icon not listed on my Desire… Looks like a target with a line through it. I have not seen it in my book or online? Anyone know what that is?


I want to delete some of the comments on my photo from HTC wildfire…anyone know how to do it?


I have installed “Facebook for Android” on my HTC Desire HD …
But whenever I update my status or post a comment on my friends wall then “via facebook for Android” is missing…… How can this problem can be solved?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Resh!

I assume you’re talking about Facebook comments. At the moment – you can’t manage photo comments from your HTC Wildfire. The reason is (poor) Facebook for Android application. We’re waiting for Facebook to add this and other missing features in upcoming versions.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Rohit!

Same here… Whenever I post something it says “via mobile”. It used to be “via Facebook for Android”. It seems they’ve changed it.


Hi there!

Can you please tell me how do i check in from my mobile on facebook? Im not having much luck, can you please advise??…Vikki

Free HTC Desire

Hey Vikki!

You’ll need to install Facebook application from Android Market. If you’re talking about lag some people experience with Facebook – you’re not the only one. We all (sometimes) experience problems with Facebook Android application. Facebook team needs to improve its Android app.


I have a black battery with ! (exclamation mark) through it showing on top of my screen on HTC Desire, but my battery has 3/4 power. Why does this happen instead of showing green battery 3/4 full?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Aileen!

Sorry for delay. It seems that your HTC Desire does not “communicate” with your battery for some reason. One of the possible reasons is that your battery is out of calibration. Here is (possible) solution:

1. Use your phone until it shuts itself off (out of power)
2. Charge your phone battery with phone powered off
3. Use your phone until it runs out of battery and shuts itself
4. Charge your battery to the full with phone powered on!

Let us know if this helps.


I have 2 questions.
1. I have created an htc sense account online, but have forgotten the password and secret question. could you please tell me how i could retrieve/reset the password?
p.s: i’m still able to use htc sense from my handset (htc desire s)

2. the green robot that displays on gtalk doesn’t show up when i login through my handset. i’ve already enabled the setting the gmail lab options. i would love to have that displayed. please help!

Free HTC Desire

Hey Raghav!

1. I’ve contacted HTC regarding your question. It’s possible to retrieve your password, but you’ll need to contact HTC via e-mail (click here for contact page). They’ll need some data from you.

2. Still haven’t figured this one yet. I’ll ask arround and notify you if I find a solution.

Brona Coughlan

I have a HTC Desire. Recently I got the 2.2.2 update. Ever since then the updated version of Facebook will not load up on the phone. I have had to go back to using the older version. Could you please tell me how to fix this?

Free HTC Desire

Hey Brona!

Facebook application for Android is (still) full of bugs. Did you try to force close application (via Settings > Manage applications > Facebook > Force stop)? It works for me when Facebook app gets stucked on my Desire. If you still experience problems you can uninstall Facebook app and then reinstall it again.


I did a factory reset and that fixed it. Thanks though !

Free HTC Desire

Glad to hear your problem is solved.


Your amazing. works perfectly now. As soon as I seen thay updated facebook successfully on friend stream I was so freaking happy :)

Free HTC Desire

Hey Amy!

I’m glad it worked for you. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


My battery lasts just a day when I have my internet on and it takes over 4 hours to get the battery fully charged. I’m using an HTC Desire s. Do I need to get a new battery and I’m I charging the phone too much


Hey i have an 8g SD card but even though i have all my stuff on the SD because I still have 5.25 free space on SD card it always comes up that phone memory is low howhat is the BEST FIX for this?

nana priyatna

dear all,

i have desire s, how to deleted facebook,twitter,and another application make heavy to memory n always running,

my desire enough for internet n email,
help me please,,to delete permanent FB,twitter in system aplication


why htc desire phone doesn’t show that the person i’m calling already having another call !!

de leusse de syon


cest-il possible de retirer un commentaire facebook avec un HTC WILDFIRE


Hi freehtcdesire, i just won a htc desire on Ebay, i’m wondering 2 things,
is there a new case / screen refurb kit available for these phones, i would
like a unused clean case, and i am interested in the possibility of replacing
the actual gorilla glass also, should it be necessary. I fix laptops & PCs for my living
but am completely out of the loop when it comes to a cheap 2010 HTC desire.

Also, is there a way to delete temporary files from the OS, like on computers.
i’m thinking of an app of some kind.

Hope I’m not too out of date !


Hi, so my HTC desire has cyanagen mode.and my boyfriend.d runs through Verizon and he can send me messages bit when I reply, my phone sends my message and its showing me that its sending. But for some reason he’s not receiving mine at all. Can u help!?

Nana Yaw

hi, I have this problem with my htc desire hd. The screen light comes on and off by itself even when the screen is locked. It does this for a while and then goes back to being idle for a while and the whole process starts again. Whenever it starts doing this, the power button doesn’t help cos it promptly lights up when I use the button to turn it off and only stops in its own time. Keeps on draining my already weak batt. I really need help.


does anyone know what the suitcase with the arrow pointing up or down means?

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