HTC Desire Tips And Tricks Volume 5

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It’s time to answer some of your e-mail questions. In the past few weeks I’ve received many questions concerning every-day usage of HTC Desire and other Android phones.  Some of them were already answered in my Tips and Tricks section.

Q: Melissa asks about sim card: “I just got a HTC Desire last week. I was wondering if there’s a way to take my old phones sim card that has all my ringtones and sounds saved to it and put it in the Desire and save to the Desire so I can have all my music and sounds on my new Desire phone?”

A: Of course you can, as long as those sound files are in supported music formats (AMR, AAC, AAC Plus, MPEG-4, WMA9, MP3, MIDI, OGG, PCM/WAV).

Q: Marcel wants to know how to block all private or unknown incoming calls on HTC Desire.

A: Search Market for Call Control – Call Blocker application. It’s free and it does the job.

Q: Maria asks is it possible to watch Netflix on her HTC Desire HD?

A: There is an official Netflix Android application on the Market, and it works great.

Q: Alan says: “HTC Desire stores all e-mail sent or received somewhere on the phone in a history file, nobody to date seems to have come up with a solution to clear this file. Hundreds of people are looking for a solution. Are you able to help?”

A: Smartphones (HTC inluded) store and track almost everything in the background (read more about it here). I guess rooting your phone and installing CyanogenMod will help (NOTE: This will void your warranty!)

Q: Laura would like to know how to remove Google Maps from her phone.

A: Again – you’ll need to root your phone. Then you’ll need Root Explorer, Super Manager or some other root application to uninstall Google Maps.

Q: Keith has a problem with jpeg attachments – every time someone sends her photo as an attachment it does not download and she gets a generic error message.

A: I guess it is some kind of network problem. I saw few people complaining about the same problem as you have. It is not a hardware problem… check with your network provider.

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there is a icon on my phone that i dont seem to reconise. top left. its shaped like a dome topped arrow (the kinda arrow you see with maps) with a circle in the middle and a exclamation point next to it

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