Ok, How Do I Scan Those QR Codes – Barcode Scanner Review

I wrote few articles containing QR codes. Now it’s time to explain to you how to scan those (how to download apps via QR codes). First of all, you’ll need an application (reader) for that. My favorite is Barcode Scanner, based on the open source ZXing Barcode Library. First, let’s install it by searching Android [...]

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Vuvuzela – Just Tap It!

I guess 90% of male population heard the sound of Vuvuzela by now. For all of you who are living under the rock (or just not watching World Cup) Vuvuzela is a stadium horn, that produces (very) loud and monotone tone. Guess what? Now you can annoy your friends with the beautiful sound of Vuvuzela [...]

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WaveSecure – I Don’t Feel Secure At All

UPDATE: WaveSecure got in touch and resolved the issue which was caused by an incompatibility with my operator. Here is my experience with WaveSecure which claims to be “the leading mobile security service for Android”. First, I’ve downloaded their free application (from Market). I wanted to have an application which will allow me  to securely [...]

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Why Don’t You Relax?

I’ve just heard about fantastic new (free) application – Relax and Sleep. Mizu Software Solutions made an application which is a must for every Android phone. Feeling tense? Having trouble sleeping? (I know I do). But, I’ve find a little helper!

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AK Notepad Review

It’s time to write my first app review. I’ll write about an application I use every day – AK Notepad. We all use good old Notepad. Well, AK Notepad is the Notepad for Android, and a powerful one! First of all – AK Notepad is extremely easy to use. On the main screen you will [...]

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