HTC Desire Got Another OTA Update (Android 2.2.2 + Software Number 2.29.405.14)

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I was pleasantly surprised today when my HTC Desire popped up the message saying there is an update available. Since I didn’t update my phone to Gingerbread (2.3) which was released months ago, I was anxious to see what’s new in this update. Btw, make sure that you have Scheduled check turned on (Settings > About phone > System software updates).

The update contains “System Enhacement 6.02″ and its size is 6.34 MB. It brings “new features and improved performance and it won’t delete any of your content”. Well, more info from HTC wouldn’t hurt anyone. You’ll need to have at least 25 MB of free internal memory in order to install this update (before downloading the update check your free space via Settings > SD & phone storage!) The update will bring you Android 2.2.2 and software version 2.29.405.14. I haven’t noticed “new features” so far, but I’m waiting for HTC’s reply about this update.
Calendar bug? Here is a fix.

If you experience calendar bug after the update here is simple fix. Just add some new appointment and delete it. The phone will resychronize all of missing appointments!

UPDATE! I’ve just got official reply from HTC. This update has improved Facebook and Flash player functionality and it removed minor bugs that were affecting phone functionality. Also SMS bugs that were reported by users are solved with this OTA.

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I had an issue related to the calendar… nothing visible anymore, no sync would help. Only solution, delete all calendar date (manage my applications, delete cache and application date. And then it worked again.

According to many forums, many users have had some issues, like no charging or others and the calendar issue

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Hey Zorglub!

Glad to hear your problem is solved. I had the same problem, but solved it with add/delete appointment, as described above.


why this updaye and not sense 3.0 and gingerbread ?


Thanks for the advice.

I had the same thing. To be more precise, all my appointments for the few weeks month and the next few weeks were missing. Older appointments were still there, as were those further in the future.

Although I have multiple calendars, all I had to do to solve the problem was add one new appointment in one of the calendars and go to Menu > Refresh.

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Hey mak!

HTC Desire will not be geting Sense 3.0 (check HTC Desire models compare). Gingerbread is already released, few months ago, via RUU (Rom Upgrade Utility).

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Hey Julian!

Glad to hear your problem is solved. I had the same problem after the upgrade and then I’ve found this fantastic tip!


Thanks for the tip!
Ading and removing a new appointment solved the calender issue for me.

It worried me at first, as HTC stated that there wouldn’t be deleted any content.

Had another strange issue: all my icons (widgets) where double, so twice the exact same widget at the exact same place. Deleted one of each, but it was strange.

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Hey MBS!

Yes, calendar tip worked for myself, too.



Here are my bugs after the upgrade

- Non HTC official battery impossible to charge anymore
- No more 3G, then no more internet connection (europe)


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Hey Stephb!

Sorry to hear you have problems after the update. 3G works for me and I’m in Europe, and I think it works for others, too. So, I’d
contact your network mobile provider and ask them what’s going on.

About battery problem – very unusual. Did you try some other battery? Official HTC’s?


Thank you so much. I lost all my calendar entries after the 2.2.2 firmware installation. The “add new event then erase it” fix worked perfectly. You’ve saved me. Now I need to sort out a Google calendar to sync to I guess. Thanks again.

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Hey Ade!

I’m glad it worked for you, too!


All these problems you have had with the old Desire or the A18181?
What bugs have been fixed please?
Why no over the air Gingerbread? The rubbish HTC came out never held water when rubbish like the Wildfire S runs Gingerbread and
it’s power is way below the Desire’s!
Why no Sense 3? The Desire made HTC what they are today so they should not neglect us
or they will go the way of Nokia! The cost of a SIM free Desire A8181 is £60 more than the Incredible and Sensation at my local
cpw so HTC still make out of it!

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Hey man!

As I’ve mentioned above – they’ve improved Flash and Facebook functionality. Also, they’ve (finally) fixed few minor SMS bugs.
Now to answer your question(s): HTC Desire is a fantastic phone – my all-time favorite. But, it is released two years ago! I’m not here to defend HTC
or something, but there aren’t many companies which will support 2-year old models. They’ve released Gingerbread via RUU because Desire does not have
enough memory. Wildfire S has more memory than Desire, not to mention newer models.

You can always try one of the custom ROMs if you like.


Thanks for taking the time in posting this article. Calender add/delete fix worked for me and I am very excited that they fixed the sms bug issue. Still love my Desire.

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You’re welcome, Dave! Yes, I’ve kept my Desire, too :)

Sandy Brunton

Real panic this morning after software upgrade – calender missing about three months appointments. Found the add/delete tip and – phew!! All back, many thanks

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Hey Sandy!

I’m glad it worked for you!


Add/remove then refresh not working for me. All my apointments lost … very unhappy.

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Hey Colin!

Did you check your Google account (calendar) for appointments?

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