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Today I’ve added a new category on my blog – Games. My friends told me that I should put it under Applications.  Don’t know… games are games and “applications” sounds something serious.

First of all, thanks to a very clever guy – Aart for making this game. You’ll find several chess games for Android on the Market. I’ve tried them all and Aart’s chess seems to be the strongest one. Let’s start with my review of Chess for Android.

First of all, I’ll post few screenshots (click for larger pictures!)

Chess for Android - Main Menu

This is what you get when you start Chess for Android

Chess for Android - Options

Press menu button for Chess for Android options menu

Chess for Android - more options picture

Available options

Chess for Android - Levels picture

Choose your level

Me against Chess for Android

Me against Android Chess! Yes, I'm white.

Chess for Android - picture of alternative piece set

Here is a picture of alternative piece set

If you’re a beginner, I suggest you choose between Level 1 and Level 2. Levels 3 and 4 are ideal for moderate players. If you want a real challenge – take Level 5 (30 seconds).

No matter if you are a chess player or not, Chess for Android is a great (and free) game. Those brain cells need some training…

To download Chess for Android scan QR code below (or search Market for it)

Chess for Android QR code

Feel free to leave a comment if you find some stronger Android chess!

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Very good


Can you play against others online? Can they be looong games with days between moves? Can you correct a move before you submit it? Some don’t let you. What are the permissions? Some android chess games want your gps and access to personal information.

Free HTC Desire

Hey Keith!

Thanks for pointing out the important things I’ve missed.

1. You can’t play against others online.
2. Yes, you can play long games. Chess for Android will remember last position and load it automatically next time you start it. Also, you can save games to SD card and load it later.
3. You can correct a move before submitting.
4. The only permission this application asks for is: Storage (modify/delete SD card contents), so your personal info is safe.

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