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My Battery – Two Days And Counting

Who says that HTC Desire battery doesn’t last long? Ok, I said that here, but  I’m testing some things I wrote on this page and I’m more than satisfied with the progress. Two days and my battery is arround 40%. What did I do?

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HTC Desire Tips & Tricks Volume 2

Judging by my site stats, Tips and Tricks Volume 1 got your attention. So, I’ve collected more tips for your HTC Desire. Here are 10 tips to improve battery life: Turn off Wi-Fi and GPS if you’re not using them. This will improve your battery life a lot (tested and confirmed!) You can easily toggle [...]

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HTC Desire Tips & Tricks Volume 1

Today I’ve added a new category on my blog – HTC Desire Tips and Tricks. I’ve collected few tips here and there. Also, some of them come from my personal experience. Here we go: Holding the home button shows you the last 6 applications you’ve used. Speed up your browser by disabling JavaScript. Add Power [...]

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